You Can Deposit Checks Right From Your Phone With Mobile Remote Deposit; it's a snap.

Here’s an Easy Way to Put Some Free Time Back in Your Day

Mobile Remote Deposit is the quick, easy and secure way to deposit your checks using the JBT Digital Banking App.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Remote Deposit?
Mobile Remote Deposit from Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. lets you deposit checks anywhere and anytime you like. It’s the fastest, easiest way to get checks into your account.

How does it work?
Once you've downloaded the JBT Digital Banking App, simply launch it on your phone and select "Deposit Checks" on the menu and then "Make a Deposit" or tap "Deposit" right on the Dashboard. Sign the back of your check AND add “For Mobile Deposit Only at JBT” under the signature. Enter the amount of the check and tap "Continue". Select the account you want to receive the deposit. Take a picture of the front and back sides of the check. After confirming the details, tap the "Submit" button. That's all there is to it. Click here to review the Mobile Remote Deposit Check Endorsement Requirements if you have any questions.

Why is it a better way to deposit checks?
For starters, Mobile Remote Deposit saves you the trouble of driving around town to deposit a check. You have better things to do with your time. Plus, mobile deposits go into your account quickly and securely, which lets you cross one more thing off your ever-growing to-do list.

Is it secure?
Yes, depositing checks with JBT Digitial Banking's Mobile Remote Deposit is safe and secure. Every deposit you make is password protected and highly encrypted.

How do I get started?
To get started with Mobile Remote Check Deposit, download the JBT Digital Banking App. Please note that you have to be enrolled in the JBT Digital Banking Suite, using your JBT Digital Banking App to use Mobile Remote Deposit.


Agreements & Disclosures

If you need assistance with anything, please contact your local JBT branch or the Client Resource Center.

Deposits initiated through Digital Banking are not subject to the funds availability requirements of Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC. Deposits initiated before 6:00pm Eastern Time are generally made available the next business day after receipt of the item. If there is an issue with your deposit, you will be notified. Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays are not considered business days. In the event that we close prior to 6:00pm Eastern Time for any reason, the time of closing will be considered the cut-off time for that business day.

We do not memo post mobile remote deposits for immediate access. All items must include the payee signature and restrictive endorsement "For Mobile Deposit Only by JBT" underneath the payee signature. Daily deposit limits apply.