Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

Borrow $15,000 or more with a good credit history and take advantage of our best home equity line of credit rates.

Promotional rates for tier 1 credit score.

12-Month Introductory Fixed Rate As low as 2.25% APR
Variable Rate/Current APR As low as 5.50% APR

This product is a variable rate, open-end loan secured by your primary residence. 80% maximum loan to value. Cannot be used for home purchase. Property insurance is required. An appraisal and flood insurance may be required. Title insurance required on loans $250,000 or greater. Maximum loan amount $250,000. Loan fees ranging from $297 to $2,732 may apply. Annual Percentage Rates (APR’s) listed are accurate as of 02/04/19. For more information about current rates, applicable fees, and available terms, or for non-owner occupied real estate loans, contact JBT’s Client Resource Center at 717-274-5180 (Option 1) or visit our Online Loan Center for details. • This promotional rate only valid for Tier 1 credit score (720+) as determined by TransUnion FICO Classic (04) credit score obtained by JBT at time of loan application, and requires $15,000 in new money.  Other rates available for loans that will satisfy existing JBT loans or credit scores < 720. Example: Initial introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 2.25% is fixed for twelve months.  After 12 month introductory period, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on an index (Wall Street Journal Prime Rate) plus a margin of 0% (5.50% APR accurate as of 02/04/19).  Your initial introductory APR and your APR thereafter will be determined based on your credit qualifications. APR may vary. Maximum APR is 18.00%.  Rates and terms may be changed or withdrawn at any time. • Jonestown Bank & Trust Co.