Home Equity Term Loan


Need a longer term? No sweat. Choose five years at 3.79% APR, or even ten years at 3.99% APR. They’re all ready to work. Apply today


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*This product is a fixed rate, closed-end loan secured by your primary residence. 80% maximum loan to value. Cannot be used for home purchase. Property insurance is required. An appraisal and flood insurance may be required. Title insurance required on loans $250,000 or greater. Maximum loan amount $300,000. At loan closing we will waive the third-party charges for appraisal, credit report, flood certification, flood life of loan, title search, notary, tax certification, and recording. Annual Percentage Rates (APR’s) listed are accurate as of 7/31/19 and require $30,000 in new money and automatic payments from a JBT checking or savings account. Add 1/4 % for coupon book. For more information about current rates, applicable fees, and available terms, or for non-owner occupied real estate loans, contact JBT’s Client Resource Center at (717) 274-5180 (Option 1) or visit our Online Loan Center for details. • These promotional rates and terms including waiving of fees are only valid for Tier 1 credit score (720+) as determined by TransUnion FICO Classic (04) credit score obtained by JBT at time of loan application, and requires $30,000 in new money. Other rates available for loans that will satisfy existing JBT loans or credit scores < 720. Examples: The monthly payment on a 2.99% APR three year loan of $30,000 is $872.42. The monthly payment on a 3.79% APR five year loan is $549.76. The monthly payment on a 3.99% APR ten year loan is $303.67. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums; your actual payment obligation will be greater. These are examples of Annual Percentages Rates (APR’s) and payments. Your APR and payment will be determined based on your credit qualifications. Rates and terms may be changed or withdrawn at any time.