Scam Text On Phone

Beware of Scam Texts

Scam texts that appear to come from banks and other financial institutions are on the rise. Above is an example of a recent scam text. Notice the number of “red flags”.

  1. FRM: address doesn’t come from JBT – a legitimate fraud alert will be identifiable as a Fraud Alert from your bank or financial institution
  2. MSG: @ is used in the word Bank – Fraud Alert texts will not misspell or alter the name of the financial institution or use symbols instead of letters
  3. Hit: unknown link to click on to cancel – Fraud Alert texts will not include a link to cancel or a link that asks for personal financial information

If you get a text like this delete it. If you click on a link, respond or fall victim to a scam, please contact our Client Resource Center at 717-274-5180 (Option 1), or your local JBT branch.