Young adults on a college campus

Young Adult Banking

As a young adult, you have an opportunity to take early control of the financial side of your life – build a great credit rating, manage new or previous student loans, make the most of mobile banking conveniences, and more. Best of all, you can take advantage of JBT’s local, personalized guidance when you have any questions about finances and our financial tools. You can chat with local JBT staff over the phone, through email, or visit any JBT branch for friendly, in-person service.

JBT’s Young Adult services are designed for you! As you get into real-world banking after high school, college/trade school, you might be the person who:

  • Never had a personal checking account before and aren’t sure where to start.
  • Desires to learn more about ‘finances’ beyond a checking or savings account.
  • Wants to build a solid credit score to be better prepared for a future vehicle or home purchase.

Thanks to JBT’s personalized approach, you have a great ally to help you make better choices as you establish yourself as an independent adult. In fact, JBT has already designed several tools to help you. Below you’ll find an overview of our best tools for Young Adults.

Which JBT Checking Account Is Best For Me?

That’s easy! The JBT Direct Interest Checking Account is perfect for young adults on the move. You can use the JBT debit card for daily purchases, do digital banking, including JBT Bill Pay, and reduce mailed paper waste with free online statements. Plus there are other benefits -- including no minimum balance!

Learn more about:

Retirement. Are You Serious?

Absolutely. You are never too young to set aside funds toward your retirement. We encourage you to try this FREE Retirement Calculator to see the impact of building retirement savings over time. Through the magic of compounding, small savings, done routinely, can add up to a nice total a few decades down the road.

Retirement Calculator

I Need A More Reliable Vehicle Now. What Can I Do?

Talk to JBT about how much new or used car you can afford. It helps to have a reliable vehicle to get you to college or to the new position in your new career. JBT can help you get the vehicle that’s right for you.

Auto Loans Auto Loan Calculator

How Do I Build My Credit Score?

Being new to the financial side of life, you likely have no or little credit to support a favorable credit rating yet. Having a good credit score will help whenever you need to apply for credit in the future – for a new or used car loan, home mortgage, credit card, and more. Consider JBT’s proactive way to possibly help build your credit – the JBT Credit Builder Loan.

JBT’s Credit Builder program is a combination loan and savings program that may help you establish a good payment history, an important step in building a higher credit score. This program, along with your plan to reduce other obligations, may positively impact your credit score over time.

JBT Credit Builder Loan

I Have A Question...

JBT cares about the success of every Young Adult. We are always nearby to help you make sense of it all. When you have a question, just ask!