Reloadable Prepaid Cards: A Smart Choice For Back to School

Whether you have a student heading off to college or just back to school the start of the school year presents a good opportunity to support your student while teaching them positive financial habits when it comes to spending.

One great option to teach your student positive habits is to provide them with a reloadable prepaid Visa® card. These cards give you a safe, convenient way to make funds available to your student.
Benefits of Reloadable Prepaid Cards
No Risk To Current Accounts - Reloadable prepaid cards allow you to quickly get money to your child without putting other funds at risk. It is a separate account, not linked to a primary checking or savings account.
Easy Budgeting – Since your child can only spend what is loaded on the card it is easy for the student to budget their funds. There is no risk of overspending. The student will need to make decisions on what purchases are necessary and also make the most sense based on the amount available on the card. Or you can define specifically what the card is to be used for (gas, groceries, etc.)
Easy to Use – The Visa® reloadable prepaid card is redeemable wherever Visa® credit cards are accepted.
Safer Online Purchasing – Since the card is not tied to your bank account or credit card, making online purchases greatly reduces the risk of having your personal banking information compromised.
Not Just For Students!
Reloadable prepaid cards also make great gifts for friends, family members, employees and co-workers as well, providing the recipient with the spending power to purchase something they want or need.
Reloadable prepaid cards can be purchased at any JBT location.
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