Cyber Security - Think before you Click!

Maybe the thought actually occurred to you that something was “phishy” about that link, but too late—you clicked and now your computer screen is locked. Behind that frozen screen are all of your personal files. Everything from photos to tax documents—all of it now encrypted by a third party that promises to return access for a ransom, which is usually between $200 and few thousand dollars.

Most frequently this type of cyber-crime, called ransom-ware, is unwittingly downloaded when you click on tainted links, download tainted attachments or even at times when you click on a phony advertisement. The only true way to avoid this type of malware is to never click on links or download attachments regardless of how legitimate they look until you have confirmed that the links and attachments are legitimate.

What else can you do to protect yourself? Experts say the best way is to avoid ransom-ware in the first place by having a good firewall, good anti-virus software and good anti-malware software installed on your computer and other mobile devices and to keep that security software updated.

Keeping you and your financial data safe and secure is always a top priority at JBT. By working together, we can protect your personal information and help you “Bank on a Smile!”.