Important News About Gift Cards

At JBT, we realize the holidays are a popular time for giving and receiving gift cards. But, along with the convenience gift cards provide, it is important to be aware of issues involving policies, details, and even scams related to gift cards whether you are the purchaser or the recipient.
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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holidays are filled with special moments shared with family, friends and those we love. Of course, the season is also a time for plenty of shopping. Holiday shopping can be enjoyable, but it can also come with a bit of stress considering larger crowds than usual. As a result, people... Read More

Be Careful… Fake Checks Are Popular Tools For Criminals & Scammers

There’s something about a check, whether it’s a cashier’s check or other official bank check that gives many people a greater sense of security than electronic money transfers. Unfortunately, criminals and scammers know that all too well and often use fake checks to get... Read More

Community Volunteerism Benefits Those Who Receive & Those Who Give

Volunteers are a vital part of any community. Whether it’s helping those who are less fortunate, helping animals, volunteering in schools, other youth programs, or countless other volunteer outlets, communities need volunteers to continue to thrive. Read More

Bureau Expands Virtual Financial Learning Tool To Benefit Active-Duty Servicemembers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently announced that it has significantly expanded its Read More
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