Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs are ideal for anyone with employment income – including self-employed people. Still, your specific financial goals are as individual and unique as you are. That’s why JBT delivers personalized IRAs based on your unique goals. We offer flexible terms and customized IRAs that fit your specific needs both in terms of the length of your IRA and the return on your investment.

Both Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs are available at JBT.  Depending on your circumstances, your IRA may be eligible for tax deductions (consult your tax advisor for details). JBT IRAs simplify retirement planning with great features:

  • No minimum balance to open or maintain
  • Deposit anytime in any amount up to IRA maximum limits. Consult your tax advisor about possible tax advantages.
  • When you retire, arrange for periodic distributions from your JBT IRA directly into your JBT deposit account.
  • Funds are FDIC-insured (up to Federal limits)
Use our retirement planning calculator and get to know all our savings options for your retirement planning needs. To learn more, visit your nearest JBT branch or contact
* Please consult your tax advisor for IRA guidance. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal