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Certificate of Deposit

With just a $500 minimum opening deposit, you can take advantage of JBT's competitive interest rates plus dependable FDIC coverage (up to federal limits):

  • Terms available from 7 days to 60 months
  • Automatically renewable at the end of term
  • Special rates for CD accounts opened with $100,000 or more
  • Collect interest monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • Interest earned may be reinvested in the account or distributed to you
  • Take interest income through direct deposit to your JBT deposit account
  • Penalty for early withdrawal

Check current annual percentage yields. Get to know all our CD account options to be sure you have the best fit for your needs. If you have savings that exceed FDIC-protection limits, learn more about our CDARS® Service, where you can enjoy FDIC coverage on accounts valued at $95,000 to several million! To learn more about our CD options, visit your nearest JBT branch or contact