Personal information is personal. Keep it that way.

Your JBT debit card now comes with free security monitoring powered by Experian®. Stay protected and in the know with:

Dark Web Monitoring

Scans the dark web and notifies you if your personal information has been exposed. Daily monitoring of thousands of risky web sites known for revealing personal information.

Credit Monitoring

Detects and alerts you of suspicious activity the moment it's noticed. Daily monitoring of the cardholder's Experian credit report for new inquiries or accounts. Please note that this benefit does not include credit score monitoring.

Discover® debit card security benefit FAQ's

What is a risky website, and how does it relate to identity theft?

Stolen personal information may be sold on risky websites located on a part of the internet not indexed by traditional search engines (sometimes referred to as the "dark web"). Not all sites on the dark web engage in criminal activity. However, sites that have consumer data or other illicit goods available or for sale tend to congregate on the dark web. Identity thieves use the dark web as a marketplace to get the information they need to commit cybercrime.

Does Credit Monitoring include FICO score alerts?

No, the credit monitoring benefit is a daily monitor of the cardholder's Experian credit report for new inquiries and accounts.

What if I do not feel comfortable providing my SSN?

Unfortunately, Experian requires submitting an SSN in order to activate the new security benefits. If you have questions about how Experian will use and protect your personal information entered into the portal, please refer to Experian's CSID Privacy Policy.

Do I need to do anything to start using these benefits?

Yes, cardholders must visit to sign up for the benefits. To sign up for the benefits, you'll need to create an account using the first 8 digits of your Discover debit card, first and last name, address, email and SSN.

Is there a cost associated to these benefits?

No, there is no charge to the cardholder.

How can I update monitored information?

Cardholders can update their preferences on

What should I do if my information is found on a risky website?

If you receive an alert that personal information is found on a risky website, please visit Once logged in, you will be able to read more about the alert you received and recommended steps to address the alert. Cardholders can also call Discover Debit Security Alerts directly at 1-888-644-6526 to receive additional information on next steps to ensure that personal information is secure.

Will credit monitoring negatively impact my credit report or credit score?

No, the credit monitoring will not negatively impact a cardholder's credit report or credit score.

How will I be alerted of a possible Dark Web or Credit Monitoring activity?

Any Dark Web Alerts or Credit Monitoring Alerts will be emailed to you directly from Discover using ONLY the following email address:


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