Focus on the item, not the price tag.

Shop with your debit card.
Find a better deal. We'll pay the difference.

How THE DISCOVER® Lowest purchase
price guarantee works...

Use your JBT Discover® Debit Card.

Buy what you want, when you want. Just keep your receipts.

Find a lower price.

Keep an eye out for advertisements showing the purchased item at a lower price. Any store - as long as it's within 60 days of your purchase.

Call and save.

Call 1-877-493-6273 to request a claims form to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement forms can be sent to

Most new non-commercial retail products that are purchased in full with an eligible Discover Debit Card are eligible for this benefit. The Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee program applies only to items purchased in the United States. Exclusions include: services; any used, rebuilt, remanufactured, or secondhand items; consumable and perishable items including, but not limited to, food, fuel, oil, household products and cosmetics; jewelry, traveler's checks, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, and bullion; rare or precious coins or stamps, collectibles, antiques, and art objects; motorized vehicles and their parts including, but not limited to, boats, airplanes, automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles; floor models, demonstrator models, and one-of-a-kind items; live animals and live plants; negotiated sales, one-of-a-kind sales, cash-only sales; close-out/liquidation/going-out-of-business sales, but only as they relate to a business (not a particular item) going out of business; employee discounts; products purchased at Internet auction sites; items advertised or shown as price quotes or bids from an Internet auction site; digital downloads including, but not limited to, music, movies, books, mobile apps, and eCertificates; and special discounts offered through a specific retailer membership or rewards program. Limit of $250 reimbursement per item. Annual program payment limit of $1,000 per account. Lower price must be found within 60 days of original purchase. Claim must be filed within 90 days of original purchase.

Discover® and the Discover Acceptance Mark are service marks used by Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. under license from Discover Financial Services.