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Make every dollar work harder for your business with easy-to-use cash management tools designed to maximize earning power and convenience.


Take care of routine business banking needs any time of day or night. With JBT Digital Business Banking, you can:

  • Check your account balances and history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Submit stop payment requests
  • Pay bills
  • One login per company


Need multiple-user access with your digital business banking? As Administrator of your company profile, you can add and edit users, assigning different degrees of access.

  • Get everything listed above along with multiple-user access for a monthly fee
  • Unlimited Users


Take your business to the next level. For a monthly fee, you can utilize all of the digital business banking features, including multiple-user access, plus manage:

  • ACH Debit and Credit Processing
  • Domestic & International Wire Transfers (fee applies)
  • Reports Package
  • Security Alerts

How To Use JBT Digital Business Finance Manager

Bill Pay
Wire Transfers
Administrator Functions


Payment fraud continues to be a major challenge for businesses regardless of size or industry. With JBT Digital Business Fraud Protection Service you can minimize your exposure to check fraud and unauthorized electronic debits. Protect yourself—and your business—today.

For an additional fee, the Business Fraud Protection package is available to clients enrolled in JBT Digital Business Banking Plus or JBT Digital Business Finance Manager:

Payee Positive Pay

  • Simply transmit your check issuance data to JBT, and the payee, serial number, and dollar amount can be compared against items posting to your account to ensure only those checks that match are paid.
  • Daily notification of any discrepancies between the checks presented for payment and the checks included in your issuance data is provided through your business digital banking profile so you can advise the bank to "pay" or "return" the check as appropriate.

ACH Fraud Protection Service

Prevent unauthorized ACH Debits with customized options:

Full ACH Debit Block
  • Designed to allow you to review all ACH Debits coming into your account and advise the bank to "pay" or "return" to the originating bank.
  • Daily notification of all ACH Debits is provided through your business digital banking profile so that you can monitor for fraudulent activity.
Filtered ACH Debit Block
  • Designed for accounts that receive certain authorized ACH debits (for example, the Internal Revenue Service, merchant services, or an external payroll processor)
  • Provide us with a list of authorized ACH debit originators and their ACH Company Identification Numbers (CIN)
  • Any CIN not on the approved list will be included in your daily notification of ACH Debits provided through your business digital banking profile so you can advise the bank to "pay" or "return" to the originating bank.

JBT SmartPay Express

Convenient Digital Lockbox

JBT SmartPay Express makes it easy and convenient for people to pay your business, reduces your billing expenses, and improves your cash flow. It's the perfect solution for any business that wants to accept online payments and donations quickly, accurately, and securely – small businesses, churches, fire companies, non-profits, municipalities, utilities, daycare centers, HOAs, or property managers. Monthly fee applies.

  • Data is secure.

  • Card payment data is PCI compliant.

  • Works on any mobile device or computer with any supported web browser.

Let us provide the control, flexibility, and security you need when it comes to concerns about online payment processing. We will customize a unique secure URL for your website, designed to fit your business brand.

Then your customers can make payments or donations using a checking or savings account, debit card*, or credit card* and those funds will be deposited into your JBT account.

Contact us today for more details!


Use Autobooks to simplify business finances. Time-consuming tasks like accounting are done automatically. Access Autobooks inside your JBT Digital Business Banking account, and:

  • Accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, electronic payments (ACH) or checks.

  • Ensure finances are secure in your JBT business account.

  • Save time on complicated accounting tasks with powerful automation tools.

  • Understand your business better with insightful reporting

View Autobooks FAQs


Offer your customers in-store and digital purchasing convenience by accepting Discover®, Visa®, and other leading cards. JBT provides access to complete electronic payment services – with competitive fees and ready access to 24-hour customer service when you have questions. All of these benefits are available for our clients through a partnership with Deluxe***.

More Details


As a municipality, do you want help improving your revenue collection? How about help eliminating payment processing costs?** Do you want the ability to make better decisions with real-time data? JBT has partnered with Certified Payments by Deluxe*** to help you do all of these things and more.


Are you still running to the bank to deposit checks into your JBT business account? JBT has a better solution that will save you time:

How does it work? Technically speaking, our advanced RDC infrastructure provides secure processing for scanned or photographed deposit items. It's the most convenient way to make deposits, plus you'll receive funds faster and improve your working capital position!


Access the funds you need to grow your business. JBT provides personal attention and a wide variety of financing options.

  • Term loans with fixed payment schedules
  • Loans for real estate and investment properties
  • Loans for equipment or inventory purchases
  • Lines of credit for revolving needs
  • Business credit cards for on-the-job convenience


ICS®, the Insured Cash Sweep® service, is a smart, secure, and convenient way for bank clients to access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on large deposits, earn a return, and enjoy liquidity.

CDARS, Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service - If you have any balances that exceeds FDIC coverage limits, and prefer the peace of mind that comes with federal coverage, talk to us about "CDARS." It's a nationwide service readily available to JBT clients.


  • Visit anytime to manage finances easily, to check out other JBT services, to calculate loan payments, and more.
  • Bank in-person, digital, via ATM services, or call the JBT 24-hour access line at 1-888-850-JBTC (5282), available nationwide.


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* There are no payment processing costs to the agency. The individual sending a payment pays a payment processing cost.

** © 2024 Deluxe Corporation. Deluxe is a registered ISO of Fifth Third Bank, National Association.

*** Only Transmitting a Wire or Initiating an ACH Batch by the company administrator is available via Mobile App. Creation or editing of Wire Transfer or Payroll/ACH batch must be done using your JBT Online Business Finance Manager Account.
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